We make products from Biosolids
Leftover organics that no one wants

Our products are 100% circular
Our products become our raw material

Fermentation produces acetic acid and nutrients
Building blocks for our products

We brew acetic acid and nutrients
from biosolids.
We turn biosolids into cleaners
and fertilizer.

reNEW Technologies - a circular enterprise - has developed a patented biothermal 2-step process to ferment and extract volatile fatty acids (VFA) and nutrients (NPK) from biosolids.

The extracted VFA forms the base for an acetic acid (vinegar) cleaning agent, while the NPK forms a humic acid rich liquid fertilizer. Besides recovering useable products, the process also reduces the volume of the processed biosolids by almost 50%.

Incubated within UTB Envirotec, an engineering firm with over 30 years’ global experience in wastewater and biosolids treatment, reNEW Technologies was spun-off in 2015 to commercialize this unique technology. It is a privately held company and is co-located in UK and Hungary.



UNWASTE! Sziget Festival 2018 + reNEW Technologies = reducing ecological footprint

We have developed a patented process to ferment vinegar based cleaner from biosolids. This product is the world's first surface and toilet cleaner made from spent organic material and the only one available in the market that is 100% recycled. In cooperation with Sziget Festival 2018 - reNEW Technologies will apply the world’s first 100% circular cleaner made from spent organic material in the selected toilets of the Festival.